Most Corporations Block Facebook During Work Hours

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There are many reasons why a company would choose to limit access to social media.

Employee Productivity
If employees have access, then they may be distracted and not doing the work they need to get done. Let’s face it, Facebook can be a time-suck. Companies set up fire walls to restrict where their employees do searches online.

Security issues with information
Not only can it be tempting to post a complaint about an employee’s day and their employer, but there are also possible security breaches.  According to Chron, “criminals can use inside information for so-called “spear phishing” attacks, targeting individuals in [a] company…tricking them into sharing passwords and other sensitive information.”

Security issues on computers
There are a number of viruses, worms and Trojan horses that can accompany links to videos or news stories.  This can infect computer networks with malware or cause security breaches.

We combat those concerns
This is why we created our secure website  It is a safe and secure place for trade show and event clients to search out models and talent in the areas they are attending an event.

Most of our clients do not look to Facebook to hire their models. They go directly to agencies and pay the agency fees.  Models that only list themselves on Facebook are limiting their visibility and do not get the opportunities that they should be getting. With our site, clients can look for experienced trade show models and hire them directly.
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The models benefit by having a professional website, where they can showcase their skills.  By registering on, they know it is secure and that we monitor the leads before we pass them along. We also do not take a cut of what they charge the client. They get to keep 100% of their fees.
see a list of other benefits

We are a casting call hub for the trade show and events industry.  Clients have jobs, we have models.

About Trade Show Models Directory .com All websites are not created equal. Trade Show Models Directory .com is the ONLY trade show industry specific directory for models.  Where Clients and Models Connect Directly. We have over 20 years of trade show industry experience and can help you find what you are looking for to help drive traffic into your trade show booth. 

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