Casting Calls Take Flight. A New Way to Get Jobs.


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A Directory? How is this different? We do get asked those questions at Trade Show Models Directory .com.

What makes us different, when you are a model looking for work, is that we put the power in your hands. We bring clients to you, you get more opportunities. has 20 years of experience in the trade show industry.  We have clients from all over the world looking for models to help drive traffic at their trade show booth.

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Are you a brand ambassador with experience in the trade show industry? Do you have enough work? Do you want more jobs?

Think of us like Yelp.  On Yelp, a business doesn’t exist if it isn’t listed.  Once it is listed, it has a platform to show what they have to offer, prices, and locations.  Previous customers write reviews and new customers search the reviews for the best business.

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We work the same way. For you, the model, we give you the opportunity to have a website, to load it up with tons of information, photos, videos, audio files, reviews and blog space.  Then we bring the clients to you.

We do the marketing; you book the job. Clients will do a search for the type of model they require with the all-important skill set to help them grow sales at their event.  They send a message to the models they choose and we connect them to you.  Think of us as a casting call hub… a place to get jobs.

This is the only Trade Show Directory that lets you keep all your hard earned money.  We do not take commissions on jobs you are paid for.

How are you currently getting jobs?  Are you relying on an agency to pass work along to you, and then take a cut of your fee?  Why not take control of your own destiny and market yourself on our site?  We are the only model directory for the trade show industry.

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About Trade Show Models Directory .com:  All websites are not created equal. Trade Show Models Directory .com is the ONLY trade show industry specific directory for models.  Where Clients and Models Connect Directly. We have over 20 years of trade show industry experience and can help you find what you are looking for to help drive traffic into your trade show booth. 

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