Your Trade Show Talent Search Just Got Easier

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Some of you may be wondering what this website is all about.  If a client is looking for a spokes model or talent to help drive attendees to their booth, don’t they just contact an agency to hire a model?

That has been the way of things since the beginning of time.  Clients tell the agency what they need, get a model sent to the trade show, pay the agency (including a hefty fee to the agency for finding the model), and hope it all works out.

What makes us different?  Simple… we took the middle man out of the equation. is a directory not an agency. We are The Trade Show Resource – clients and models connect directly. We do not charge an agency fee to our clients.  Our members are experienced in the trade show industry.  They know what it takes to engage with the attendees.

Think of Yelp.  You are looking for a place to eat in the area.  You go onto Yelp, see what is available, read the reviews, and decide whether or not to eat there.  You can see what the restaurant serves, what their specialties are, and the cost for eating there.

It is the same on our Directory.  Say you are going to a trade show in Las Vegas (or Chicago, or Los Angeles) and you would like to hire a model to help drive traffic into your booth.  You have someone specific in mind, someone who is a skilled speaker, that draws a crowd in, that can learn your product line and help be part of the selling process.  You go to and start your search through our members.

  • First you do a search for the type of model and the area where your event is to take place. All the models/talent that fit that initial search come up on the screen.
  • Next you can start going into each member’s profile page and get more information about them. Not only are there stats on what they look like, but you can see details about where their skill set is.  We have models that have been on television, that speak at Fortune 500 conventions, that have their Masters in Psychology, or are Journalists.  It is YOUR choice who you contact.
  • After you have found a member that meets your criteria, you can read reviews on that member. The decisions are all yours. That is when you make your final choice on who to contact. You send a message with all the details regarding your trade show or event.  It is best to give us the when, where, how, and your budget in the lead.  If we see there is vital information missing, we will reach out to you to get more information.
  • Then we send the message onto the member to contact you. That is it. We are out of the picture.  You and the member finalize details, sign a contract, determine the rate of pay that is given directly to the member. When the event is over, you go onto their profile page and write a review.

Want to see how it all works?  Need a model for your next trade show?  Visit our website and take it for a spin!  Have a question?  Contact Us

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